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Learn about the production process of our organic mango and learn from our guest chefs simple and healthy recipes

Tours and Tastings

The subtropical microclimate Almuñécar allows for the cultivation of tropical fruits on its fertile plain. Fruits such as organic mangoes are a great attraction for residents and visitors, who enjoy their sweet taste. Other products like avocado or custard apple are a perfect addition por a wide variety of dishes.

At Finca Cayetana we offer you guided tours of our organic farm so that you can learn about the cultivation of our organic mango and its various varieties. Tasting sessions can also be held by our Guest Chefs for you to taste other local products with Cayetana.


Learn from the expert hand of the farmer the careful manual process to grow our organic mango.


Our guest chefs will take you through their dishes to live gastronomic experiences with our organic mango.


We can host small groups that want to combine gastronomic experiences with other types of events.

Farm Location

Almuñécar, at the heart of the Spanish Tropical Coast

Almuñécar has a microclimate that is unique. In the winter season, temperatures rarely fall below 10ºC or 12ºC, maintaining an average of 18ºC. In the summer, the average rises to approximately 25ºC, with temperatures exceeding 30ºC at midday. Click on the video for more information about what the town has to offer.