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About us

BioMango Cayetana is a family business and our daughter Cayetana is the inspiration.
In this new project, we bring our organic mango closer to the households with the
highest quality, love and care.

BioMango Cayetana was born from our passion and love for nature, and our daughter the inspiration.

A tropical fruit with a very characteristic flavor due to the privileged climate of Almuñécar, Granada.

100% Organic Mango

We take care of every step in the cultivation and harvesting process to obtain an excellent product with unique properties. Our organic mangoes are naturally ripened on the tree and every day we select them at their optimum point of smell, color and ripeness so that we can enjoy all their flavour and wonderful fibre-free texture.

4/8 days for perfect ripening for consumption.

Store the mangoes at 20°-25° C.


My People,
Little corner of the Mediterranean made of history
cradle of civilizations, refuge of navigators welcomed among its people.
White, full of light, surrounded by mountains that shelter storms
And at the same time open to the infinite by its blue waters from where life and feelings are reborn.
Flagged by its flagship rocks of my people
I walk around his Caletilla getting drunk of chiringuitos smells gilding spits and colorful walks.

And in the summit you, Saint Miguel, my saint.
You watch so that no lament arrives at their shore.
White town whitewashed between cottons,
with geraniums and jasmines hanging from their balconies.
I go up and down the cobblestone slopes.
Take me to the green, to the green
of your valley
school and parenting
of custard apples
mangos and avocados.
People open
full of joy
who always draw a smile to the one who walks along its shore.

Ancient and holy,
Saint Incarnation .
Historically, you announce my People and dismiss my people,
holding their hands
you guide us to another present .
Clear water coming down from the river,
rainbow serpentine
until you reach your vega.
We were the first
then came descendants
in manufacturing El Garun,
for demanding palates
That in their “traíñas” they brought
Sardines, octopuses and meros,
What madness of wealth there is in our fishing grounds.

Queen covered with silks
Phoenician, Roman, Arab and Christian.
Seven are the palaces that guard your treasures.
Treasures that you show to the sky
sunsets that reflect my gaze.
Between Cerro Gordo and Punta de la Mona point
my mule loaded with canes
lost the Herradura
and how blessed with good fortune she was.

Fortune that hides in its depths, shipwrecks and misunderstandings,
a world full of life,
in seas of silence.
Oh! Dolores, my Virgin of Sorrows
Bless me and take me in your arms
And take me to the plaza, to the hills.
Until the 15th that Antigua will embark
and heaven will pay tribute to him
filling the infinite with colors.

Colors that are memories
Memories of my experiences
I walked your beaches
and your crystalline waters washed my face,
Between fire and desires
the moon was bewitched.
Sexitana of flag, of name and condition.
My town is the most beautiful, do not forget. I’m telling you.

Encarni Pretel Martin