m Biomango Cayetana Experience the Best Taste from Nature f h Tropi Compis, Tropical Fruits Buy tree-ripened avocados, lychees, dragon fruits,
medlars and star fruits directly from our
Farm on the Costa Tropical of Granada.
Visit Cayetana Farm Throughout the year, but especially at harvest time, we will conduct guided tours in which we show you how we harvest our mangoes and spend an enjoyable tour with tasting sessions at the end. a s s m u Healthy Recipes Enjoy delicious recipes with our Organic Mango and other tropical fruits and vegetables. They are healthy and exquisite preparations for any occasion, can be served as a main dish, appetizer or dessert. Cook with Cayetana Cayetana compartirá junto a sus amigos Chefs invitados recetas al tiempo que les inculcamos el gusto por la cocina saludable. Diversión y Aprendizaje Garantizado x

Our Organic Mangoes

Ripped on the tree in a natural and ecological way.

We take care of every detail

Every step is looked after through the cultivation to the harvesting of our organic mango.

Free of Chemicals

We apply organic agriculture free of chemical and phytosanitary products.

100% Bio

Our Mangos are 100% organic with CAAE certification.

We control the Parameters

We carry out systematic brushcutting by incorporating them into our organic fertilizer.

Manual Selection

Every day we pick them at their optimum point of smell, color and ripeness.

Enjoy the Taste of Nature

In Almuñécar, at the heart of the Costa Tropical in Granada Spain, BioMango Cayetana is produced as a result of the work, effort and dreams of our parents reflected in a farm, We’ve used organic farming for more than twelve years ago to guarantee a product of the highest quality
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100+ of Mangoes Producing Countries


Contains More than 20 Vitamins and Nutrients


Number of Months available at our Farm


Mangoes Community Members around the world

Healthy Recipes

Cooking with our organic mangoes will be easy thanks to the recipes prepared by our guest chefs. Adults and children will learn certain skills while as a family instill love for cooking, trying new ingredients, learning about them and their properties. Fun and learning guaranteed.

Mango Attributes

Mango is one of the most consumed fruits in the world because of its sweet and creamy flavor and the benefits that its consumption can produce in the human body.

Sarah Romero


Delicious Food

The mango is an antioxidant food, rich in acids, vitamin C and for its high content of vitamin A.

Francisco Pérez


It's the future

The future lies in organic fruit like mangoes, unique and high quality fruit

Pepe Álvarez Moyano